Audi Crown

Audi Q Range

The “Q” Range of the Audi series includes a range of premium luxury SUVs. Ever since its introduction in India, the Audi Q Series has received patronage from people, for the sheer capabilities that are showcased by the different models within this series. The Audi Q Series has marked its position in the market with its robust dynamics, elegant lines of design, and sporty looks, making it a great choice for those who appreciate the nimble dynamicity that the Q series bring forth.

Designed to perform with admirable efficiency, the Q Series of Audi SUVs have powertrains that have usable power and rapid throttle response available throughout the rev band, all the while delivering ultimate comfort and luxury. In India, there are three SUV models that are available in the Q series. These are:
The Audi Q3 (Luxury Compact SUV)
The Audi Q5 (Luxury Mid-Sized SUV)
The Audi Q7 (Luxury Full Size SUV)

Each and every one of the three models under the Audi Q Series has been equipped with Audi’s proprietary all four wheel drive technology, better known as quattro®. Predominantly, the design of these cars focuses on better traction, improved acceleration, and increased safety, thanks to the increased balanced lateral guide forces. These SUVs have long since moved from their older rounded versions, opting for a much sharper overall look. Fitted with Xenon Plus Headlamps and daylight running LED strips, the Q series of SUVs outpaces its competition effortlessly, making them a cradle of luxury and powerful dynamism rolled into one.

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